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Eventually, we all grow old and sometimes people become unable to effectively manage their life and finances. In situations like these, it is beneficial to explore a guardianship to help make important decisions in life.

A guardian is someone who is chosen - either by a court or by being named in a legal document such as a will - to make decisions for someone who cannot make personal decisions.

As the guardian, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of making decisions for and caring for the personal interest of the indivudual who is unable to make important decisions for his or herself. We are happy to guide you through the guardianship process in order to effectively provide for the (Person who set up the guardianship)

Responsibilities of a Guardian:

  • Giving consent for medical care or treatment

  • Purchasing or arranging for purchase of such necessities as food, clothing and household items

  • Arranging for education

  • Managing finances and bank accounts

  • Providing annual accounting to court

Our firm can help you set up a guardianship to help ease the stress and answer any questions that you might have. When you have determined there is a need for you to become a guardian, we will prepare the legal work necessary for you to be properly prepared and represented in court to begin the process of setting up your guardianship.

The next step
The Guardianship process begins by setting up an appointment with our firm to determine the level of need in your situation. We will work with you to decide the most beneficial and correct way to create your guardianship. 

Will this be permanent?
If the responsibility becomes too great or the level of need exceeds your abilities, you are never stuck in the role of a guardian. You may be removed, but it needs to be done through the court to determine if a reassessment is necessary to help better serve the needs of the guardianship through reappointment of another guardian.



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