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Life's journey eventually comes to an end for us all. Our firm specializes in guiding families through the difficult probate process as well as assisting trustees with the proper administration of a trust.

Probate/Estate Administration - The process of distributing an estate through the supervision of the court system to conclude financial and legal matters, post-death.

With over 25 years of experience in Probate/Estate Administration, our firm is able to work with executors/administrators of an estate to provide individualized attention to help guide through the complex and time consuming process of Probate.

 The Probate process, governed by state law, causes estate administration to be costly and time consuming. Our firm provides guidance and services to administrators/executors of the estate in order to help with:

  • Preparing court documents to open the estate and determine a  personal representative if one has not already been appointed

  • Identify all assets

  • Inventory assets

  • Provide an inventory for the court

  • Appraisals

  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries  pursuant to a will, if any

  • Warehouse assets

  • Determine current claims of creditors against the estate

  • Prepare assets for estate sale

  • Conduct estate sale

  • Donation of unsold assets to charity

  • Prepare accounting for future court appearances and the filing of estate and individual tax returns

  • Prepare for real estate sale

  • Distribution of estate to beneficiaries


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