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The Law Offices of Allan C. Alongi has an unparalleled commitment to providing the highest quality legal services to our clients. We approach every client with a focus on effective advocacy and integrity.

The firm also aims to promote trustworthy business relationships with referral lawyers, title companies, real estate firms, CPAs financial services professionals all in order to provide complete client services.

We invite you to bring all your estates, trusts, wills, probate and real estate issues to us.  We want to be your law firm, not just your counsel for a specific legal problem.

OUR GOAL -  To represent each client with respect, expertise, and thorough attention to detail, all in a timely manner. 

We invest our time and energy to deliver top level service to our clients.  As a result, our valued clients often refer family, friends and work associates to us for legal advice.  We are extremely grateful for these referrals and the relationships we can build with our community of clients and friends.  Our goal is to build solid, life-long relationships, one client at a time.


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3 Golf Avenue, Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514

332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1000, 
Chicago, IL  60604-4398 
(No longer in use)

PHONE: (630) 920 - 0300
FAX: (630) 920 - 8390


Office Hours:

M-F 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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